Rail Baltica progressing well in Estonia

TRINITI was among the companies who established the Rail Baltica Business Network in Estonia (RBBN) already back in 2015. At its annual meeting the members of the business club heard presentations on the progress of the Rail Baltica (RB) project in Estonia. Read more

How to protect a trademark in different countries?

A trademark is protected only where it is registered, therefore if you plan to distribute your goods or services not only in Lithuania, it is recommended to also register your trademark in the countries where you plan to market them. The question then arises as to which method of trademark registration to choose: to register Read more

Vienna Convention on consular relations

The format and rules for international relations are, to an important extent, established by two international treaties: the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963. Where the first of the two primarily deals with relations between states as subjects of international law, the Vienna Convention on Read more

5 reasons why reorganisation fails

The Reorganisation Act has been in force in Estonia for over a decade and companies suffering from economic difficulties have submitted hundreds of reorganisation plans to their creditors based on that law. However, the number of reorganisation plans approved by the creditors or the courts is considerably lower and there are only a few examples Read more