How to protect a trademark in China?

Imagine a situation: you are registering a trademark, being used by you for a long time in many countries of the world, in China and … your application is rejected because your trademark has already been registered before in China, not on your behalf. Read more

Your heirs are entitled to your payment for leave

In the joint cases of 6 November 2018 No. C-569/16 and C-570/16 the CJEU ruled that if the employment relationships cease as a result of the death of the employee, the compensation for the unused annual leave shall not be extinguished and shall be inherited.  This judgment must be applied even where the provisions of Read more

Cryptocurrency disputes have reached the courts

How and why to make a distinction between crypto coins and crypto tokens? It is a question increasingly addressed to legal advisers. The lawyers of TRINITI Finance, Intellectual Property and IT Law teams advise their customers namely in these areas. Read more

Your back door is safe

The scope of compulsory motor insurance coverage will be even broader as it will include not only damages caused by the driver of the vehicle, but also the damages caused by its passengers and even if the vehicles were not moving at the time of the accident. Read more

New geoblocking regulation – a true burden to e-commerce

The EU’s geoblocking regulation enforced as of December 2018 will significantly change the obligations of the online merchants and service providers. From this point forward, cross-border trade might mean in worst cases additional tax obligations and performing product and consumer protection obligations of other countries. As of 3 December 2018, the geoblocking in cross-border sales Read more

Electronic notarized certification of documents in Latvia

Sworn notaries of Latvia have obtained rights to perform notarized certifications of different documents electronically. On 8 March of 2018 were adopted “Amendments to the Notariate Law” (hereinafter referred to as the – amendments) [1], which have supplemented the Notariate law with the new chapter E1  “Electronic certifications”. The chapter E1  “Electronic certifications” has entered Read more

Corporate Income Tax in Latvia. Is it 20% or 0%?

Effective 1 January 2018 companies in Latvia are subject to Corporate Income Tax (CIT) only on their profits that are distributed (or deemed distributed). The undistributed profits are not taxed. So does it mean that Latvian CIT is 0%?  Corporate income tax rate is 20%.  However, certain expenses deemed to be taxable similar to profit Read more