Latest Assignments

We successfully defended our client in criminal proceedings regarding charges brought for illegal entry

We defended the creators of “Kuuuurija” regarding the so-called “cat factory” episode, as criminal proceedings were brought against the host, producer and cameraman for the offence of illegal entry. Read more

We successfully defended our client in criminal proceedings brought for a suspected unlawful search

A suspicion was filed against the host of “KUUUURIJA”, Katrin Lust, regarding an unlawful search carried out in the so-called “child pornography” episode. Read more

We represented Kaupo Kutsar in a dispute with Toiduliit (Estonian Food Industry Association)

Kaupo Kutsar is a professional farmer and politician who raised questions about whether it is correct to use the tricolour flag logo (blue-black-white) on products whose main ingredient has no ties to Estonia and whether the statements that the manager of Toiduliit made about the logo are transparent and truthful. Read more

TRINITI successfully represented a journalist in a dispute about publishing on social media

Harju District Court dismissed a claim filed against our client for publishing on social media. Our client shared a work painted by another person on Facebook. The court concluded that sharing other people’s posts on social media does not constitute a violation of copyright. Firstly, under Facebook’s terms of use, the defendant was entitled to use information that the claimant had posted to their own user feed. Secondly, the court also agreed with our client in that the defendant was entitled to reproduce a depiction of the work under the journalistic exception.

The District Court’s judgment has not yet entered into force and the dispute may continue in the Circuit Court of Appeal.

The client was represented by attorneys Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild.

We successfully represented Katrin Lust regarding the chiropractor Oolo episode of “Kuuuurija”

Harju District Court delivered a judgment dismissing the claim filed by star-chiropractor Oolo against Katrin Lust.

The dispute was significant in more than one respect, as the court analysed several complex legal questions in its 42-page judgment:

  • The journalistic right to use copyrighted material without the author’s consent and without paying any fees.
  • The extent to which a claimant can rely on aspects derived from context, i.e. putting words in a journalist’s mouth.
  • A journalist’s right to publish interviews conducted with their sources.
  • A journalist’s right to use someone’s personal data if the person in question has previously published such data about themselves.

The dispute continues in Tallinn Circuit Court of Appeal.

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TRINITI has advised on AML compliance issues and in supervisory proceedings of FIU

Attorneys of TRINITI have advised on matters concerning anti-money laundering compliance, including companies from different sectors (from accounting providers and real estate agencies to creditors and banks). We have helped our clients to assess money laundering risks in their entities and determine risk appetite, as well as establish rules of procedure and internal control. We have consulted and represented companies also in supervisory proceedings of Financial Intelligence Unit.

TRINITI's lawyers represented a client in the European Union's first ICO case

Karmen Turk, Katri Tomson and Maarja Pild, lawyers in the TRINITI Law Firm, represented their client in the European Union’s first ICO case. In the case regarding Santiment ICO (Bloomberg in the crypto world), the parties reached a mutually acceptable compromise. In the event of a dispute, whether and how can the other party be required to transfer the crypto assets (tokens), whether a default interest can be charged for delay (if no money is involved), and what are the bailiff’s tools for enforcing a judgment rendered in a crypto asset dispute – those were some of the topics hotly debated.

TRINITI’s lawyers have also discussed the risks and disputes related to crypto assets and ICOs in the Äripäev Radio broadcast “TRINITI eetris” (TRINITI On Air).

Representing Viasat in a precedent-setting copyright dispute

TRINITI represented Viasat, a global satellite operator in a civil case, where the Estonian Authors’ Union (EAÜ) presented claims against Viasat to refrain from providing the signal of 42 different television programmes (incl. ETV, ETV2, Kanal 2, TV3, TV6 and Kanal 11) to end consumers without obtaining prior permission (license) from the EAÜ. Read more