Major Assignments - Tax Law

Global Structuring of Goods Sourcing for Large Retail Chains in Russia

TRINITI advised the management of a large Russian retail store chain (several thousands of stores nationwide) on the structuring of global sourcing of goods for distribution. Advice on tax, corporate, employment and other areas of law helped the client re-structure its operations and achieve maximum possible efficiency in its dealings. Read more

Representation in Court Proceedings

TRINITI is representing the claimant DB International GmbH in on-going court proceedings against Lithuanian Railways regarding the risk related to changes in legal regulations in regard to VAT, while fulfilling public procurement agreements. The case is of public importance, as the ruling of the court shall probably present a precedent in domestic public procurement law

Legal advice to Batipart, a leading seniors home developer

TRINITI lawyers advised well-known French firm Batipart Invest SA. TRINITI team assisted the client in tax issues and investment structuring with regard to the development of a seniors home in Lithuania. Our lawyers provided legal advice, including drafting agreements and other necessary legal documents, and preparing a legal opinion on tax issues in Lithuania

Legal advice to XTGEM, a successful UK based developer of mobile websites

TRINITI team consulted XTGEM on taxation for natural persons as shareholders of the company registered in a European Union Member State. TRINITI team were asked to suggest the most efficient legal solution on the exchange of shares and increase of share capital. This required deep analysis of the applicable private international laws for this matter

Advising on structuring the Pan-European use of fishing quotas

TRINITI provided legal advice in corporate and financial structuring of a group of companies seeking improvement in the use of their fishing quotas. Our support included advise on tax and corporate structures as well as planning and execution of a series of transactions involving multiple jurisdictions in the EU as well as Russia

Successful Representation of a member of the board in a precedent case

TRINITI successfully represented a member of the board before the Estonian Supreme Court in a precedent dispute against the Tax Authority claiming annulment of a board member’s liability decision. The matter was transferred to the whole board of the Administrative Law Chamber for a decision regarding the principle matter of tax law