Major Assignments - Dispute Resolution

Triniti represents Deutsche Bahn International GmbH in four complex court cases

TRINITI team represented Deutsche Bahn International GmbH in four complex court cases against Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB (Lithuanian Railways): two cases deal with the compensation of alleged losses due to the design works, recognition of the additional works and awarding the debt for the performed works and two other cases – with contractual penalties. The total value of the dispute is more than 30 million EUR.

Triniti team successfully represented Narbutas


TRINITI lawyers successfully represented well-known Lithuanian office furniture design and the production company in the dispute related to the infringement of the copyright and design rights. The competitor Lithuanian company ERGOLAIN brought the civil claim, which was dismissed.

Representing a client against Swedbank

TRINITI represents a former shareholder of a major company in six legal disputes against Swedbank as well as other shareholders of the company (the total value of the disputes are approx. 13 M EUR). Two of the cases have been heard by the Supreme Court, one of them by the extended composition of the Supreme Court and both were won by TRINITI’s clients

Representing Viasat in a precedent-setting copyright dispute

TRINITI represented Viasat, a global satellite operator in a civil case, where the Estonian Authors’ Union (EAÜ) presented claims against Viasat to refrain from providing the signal of 42 different television programmes (incl. ETV, ETV2, Kanal 2, TV3, TV6 and Kanal 11) to end consumers without obtaining prior permission (license) from the EAÜ. Read more

Representation of DELFI AS in a hearing of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Delfi v Estonia

It was a first dispute for the Republic of Estonia to be heard in the second level of the European Court of Human Rights – the Grand Chamber.

The essence of the dispute is the liability of media organizations in regard to user generated content. The decision is due during 2015.

Additional information here.
The Webcast of the hearing is available on the ECHR page here

Legal advice for Meyer & John

TRINITI advises and represents Meyer & John GmbH & Co. KG, German engineering and construction company operating since 1956, in bankruptcy proceedings with Lithuanian bank SNORAS in the court case regarding the recovery of the funds kept in the bank and pledged in order to obtain the bank’s guarantee. Read more

TRINITI also represented both Meyer & John GmbH & Co. KG and Meyer & John in many other legal disputes arising from contractual and legal relationships involving design, planning and construction, as well public procurement matters. The number of cases tried before court within the last three years exceeds 40 with a total value of more than 5.7 M EUR

Representing Farwick Mühlen-Maschinenbau

TRINITI successfully represented Farwick Mühlen-Maschinenbau GmbH, a company founded in 1948 in Germany, in a legal dispute with the Lithuanian company regarding breach of contract on providing equipment to the largest bioethanol factory to be constructed in Lithuania. The court of the first instance has fully satisfied the claim prepared by TRINITI lawyers and awarded Farwick Mühlen-Maschinenbau GmbH with more than 700,000 EUR

Representing Äripäev in a dispute with Tallinn City Government

TRINITI represented Äripäev concerning the action of Tallinn City Government to overrule data published, where Harju County Court agreed with Äripäev that only value judgements and true facts have been published, and therefore, the action cannot be satisfied. Moreover, the Court also agreed with Äripäev’s argument that in a situation where the article only mentioned the names of Mayor Edgar Savisaar and Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas, the action cannot be filed by Tallinn City Government because its interests are not related to the matter. Read more

Representing Deutsche Bahn International

TRINITI represents Deutsche Bahn International GmbH, the second-largest transport company in the world, in several on-going court cases against Lithuanian national rail way carrier, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways). The TRINITI team also represents Deutsche Bahn International GmbH in two complex court cases regarding compensation for possible damages and in a case based on our client’s demand to change the conditions of the contract establishing the rules for the calculation of the default interest due to delays from the agreed schedule of construction works. The value of the case exceeds 7.8 M EUR and the total value of the aforementioned cases exceeds 35 M EUR