Rail Baltic Business Network learned about procurement plans


On November 29, 2016 Rail Baltic Business Network (RBBN) held another quarterly meeting, this time learning about the procurement principles adopted by the Rail Baltic joint venture and its shareholders. Indrek Orav, Board Member of Rail Baltic Estonia, spoke to RBBN members gathering at the headquarters of Estonian Railways in Tallinn. Anvar Salomets, Development Manager at Estonian Railways Ltd., gave a presentation on Estonian Railways’ investment needs and plans for the next few years.

RBBN Board Member and TRINITI partner Tõnis Tamme noted that the discussion proved very useful for the businesses interested in Rail Baltic as first-hand information was provided regarding when and how the Rail Baltic joint venture, its shareholders, and other RB implementing entities will go forward with the implementation of large-scale procurements in the near future. Furthermore, Tamme expressed his delight in welcoming three new members that recently joined the business network: Baltic Industrial, Eesti Killustik (Estonian Gravel) and Vesta Terminal Tallinn.

“Growing interest by Estonian undertakings in Rail Baltic related procurements is most positive. The railroad’s construction as well as operational period both have a clearly positive impact on the Estonian economy. Next year’s procurement plan is rather intense for Rail Baltic Estonia; for example, the Muuga cargo terminal procurement is currently in its final stages, procurements for the infrastructural cargo terminal maintenance depot, and Pärnu freight station are to commence very soon. All of the procurements are public,” said Rail Baltic Estonia management board member Indrek Orav.

Rail Baltic Business Network, an independent non-profit association founded by businesses, to analyzes the commercial opportunities arising out of Rail Baltic and the emerging new transit and logistics chains. The organization today includes 19 leading Estonian logistics, consultation and transportation companies meeting regularly to discuss topics connected to Rail Baltic. In June, the network was hosted by the Chairman of the Board of AS Tallinna Sadam Valdo Kalm at the Muuga harbour while meeting with the CEO of the joint venture RB Rail AS Baiba Rubesa. In October, a high-level international conference was hosted by RBBN in Tallinn to map the emerging business opportunities, learn from the comparable international case-studies, etc.