TRINITI’s attorney-at-law Karmen Turk – an attorney with a knack for powerful public sway


At the Estonian Newspaper Association’s annual meeting the Editors-in-Chief of the Association’s member newspapers named Attorney-at-Law Karmen Turk 2016’s Friend of the Press. The prize has been announced since 1994 and is of great societal value in Estonia.

karmen-turkThe Editors-in-Chief found Karmen Turk to be an individual who fights for the freedom of the press and Internet freedom both in Estonia and across the world. In Estonia Karmen Turk has represented the press in a number of trials. On the international scene Turk, Coordinator of UN IGF Coalition on Freedom of Expression of Media on the Internet and expert in committees attached to the Council Europe, is harnessing her know-how to safeguard freedoms on the Internet.

TRINITI Estonia Managing Partner Villu Otsmann says Triniti was glad to witness such high-flying recognition of an attorney’s participation in public discussion. “This is what we want and recommend for the legal system as a whole,” Otsmann noted.