TRINITI contributed to the 2016 World Development Report “Digital Dividends”


The presentation of the 2016 World Development Report (WDR) “Digital Dividends” was held in Estonia on 26th January 2016. The opening event of the Report was held in Washington on 14th January 2016 in which the Estonian head of state also participated (video coverage of the event can be viewed here).

The 2016 World Development Report focuses on the intersection of digital technologies and development.

A small contribution to the preparation of the Report and sharing the Estonian success story was also made by Law Firm TRINITI because the attorney of our law firm, Karmen Turk, also met the World Bank researchers during their visit to Estonia.

As the Office of the President of the Republic has said, Estonia has been mentioned on 42 pages throughout the Report and recognition earned by Estonia has been nicely summed up in the sentence: “Estonia is one of a handful of countries closest to becoming a digital society” (Report, page 248).