TRINITI attorney ranked as one of the most influential lawyers in Estonia


Attorney-at-law of TRINITI Karmen Turk has conquered the front pages of world media and turned the Internet comments into a key issue of the freedom of expression. Karmen ranked no 9 among influential Estonian lawyers including advocates, judges, prosecutors, government lawyers, etc.

Attorney-at-law Karmen Turk is probably better known to foreign experts than to ordinary Estonians. Taking the Delfi case to the European Court of Human Rights, she has conquered the front pages of Reuters, Forbes, Guardian and New York Times, turning the Internet comments into a key issue of the freedom of expression.

Being only in her thirties, Turk has already had her significant “first ones”. With the Delfi case she was the first Estonian attorney whose appeal was accepted for hearing by the highest instance of the European Court of Human Rights; it was Turk who set going the snowball of ACTA discussions and in doing so, she pushed the EU officials to take up the matter and initiated the petition “NO to ACTA”.

When talking about Turk, her colleagues use most frequently the words “world reformer”, “sense of justice” and “social nerve”. “She believes in justice even if an ordinary mortal like me would be disappointed,” described her Villu Otsmann, her supervisor from the times of the ACTA fight. Turk herself does not deny her idealism either. “Being an attorney, a legal scholar and a member of the Committees of the Council of Europe and the United Nations, I do what I do because I feel that this way I can make my contribution so that my child would also live in a world which appreciates freedoms more than security, and values more than commands and prohibitions,” Karmen said.