Latvia tightens rules on pharma-advertising


Important changes in advertising practices of medical products in Latvia became effective as of 1st January 2015 which should be taken into account by manufacturers, distributors and advertisers of pharmaceuticals.

From now on medical product manufacturers, distributors and advertisers are obligated to collect, process and once a year submit to the State health inspectorate information about educational or professional events organized or sponsored by them. It is also specified that obligation to inform Health Inspectorate about upcoming event lies not only on organizer of the event, but also on advertiser of medical product.

List of information that must be included into advertising of medical product has become longer, and there are more restrictions to the advertising in general, therefore manufacturers, distributors and advertisers have to make appropriate changes to their advertising materials by 30 June 2015.

Procedure of how medical product manufacturer consultants may visit medical and pharmacy staff from now on should be under control of the Head of medical institution or pharmacy. In addition, regulations on gifts that medical product manufacturer consultants may present to medical staff has become more strict and precise.

Amendments affect also distribution of free samples (incl. specific quantity limits) and several other important issues. For more information please approach Alina Sokolovska.

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