IP rights of “Olifėja” were protected in a battle between the leaders of the lottery market


TRINITI Lithuania represented “Olifėja”, the largest organizer of lotteries in Lithuania, in the judicial dispute involving another market leader in the lottery industry – “Žalgirio loto” regarding the protection of the trademark owner’s rights and unfair competition.

Having heard the case, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania satisfied the claim of the claimant “Olifėja”, which has been represented by partner Vilija Viešūnaitė and associate partner Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, thus ordering “Žalgirio loto” to cease unfair competition and the use in its economic activities of the trademark “Puodas aukso” because its confusing similarity to the trademark ”Aukso puodas” held by “Olifėja”.

Furthermore, “Olifėja”, represented by TRINITI, approached the court regarding the compensation of the damages in the amount in excess of 10 000 EUR and the court’s decision was favourable once again.

Client has been advised and represented by partner Vilija Viešūnaitė and associate partner Aurelija Rutkauskaitė.