Latvia rated as stable country


Latvia ranked 140th among 178 countries on the just released Failed States Index 2013 and is in the “stable” category, according to the Foreign Policy Group and the Fund For Peace.

The Index looks at 12 primary social, economic and political indicators – like demographic pressures, human flight and brain drain, state legitimacy, poverty and economic decline, human rights, security apparatus – that can be used as a tool to identify exactly what might push a country to the brink of failure, according to the Foreign Policy Group.

This year Latvia ranked 140th among 178 countries on the list and is in the “stable” category (countries with low level of risks). Compared to 2012, the situation in Latvia has become markedly more stable, and therefore the country has climbed four places in the index. Thus Latvia entered top 3 of most improved countries in 2012-2013.

The situation in Estonia has improved, it is now ranked 145th. Lithuania has also moved up one spot to 150th place.

Most of former soviet republics is in the „unstable” category (countries with high level of risks) – Russia (80th place), Ukraine (117), Kazakhstan (109), Georgia (55), Armenia (105) etc.

According to the Failed States Index Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and South Sudan are the four most dangerously unstable countries in the world.

The most sustainable states in 2013 were Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway.

Full list of ranked states – here.

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