Triniti to represent clients hurt by the reduced solar energy tariffs in Lithuania


Lithuanian National Control Commission for Prices and Energy approved the reduction of the tariffs for the electricity produced from the solar energy up to 40 percent.
The new tariffs will take effect from April of this year. The solar electricity for the previous tariffs up to 1,6 LTL will be purchased only from those who have already received permits for development as well as have submitted the guarantees for the establishment of a solar plant up to 1 March 2013 and who will submit the requests  to produce the solar electricity up to 1 July 2013. The lower tariffs which will be fixed quarterly will be applied to the rest.

Law Firm TRINITI Vilniues office advises its clients for any possible losses resulting from the reduction of the tariffs for solar electricity and encourages affected parties to join joint advocacy groups.

For more information on this issue please contact Attorney Vilija Viešūnaitė, email:, tel. +370 5 231 2211.