TRINITI organised a high-level conference on Rail Baltic


A high-level conference „Rail Baltic – a dream, politics or business?“ was held in Tallinn on November 30th, 2012 organised by Pan-Baltic law firm TRINITI and PR/government relations consultancy META Advisory.

A keynote address was delivered by the Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Mr Juhan Parts. Other keynote speakers of the conference included the Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Transport Mr Henrik Hololei, Co-ordinator of the Rail Baltica project for the EC Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport Mr James Pond, Rail Baltica Growth Corridor project manager Mrs Malla Paajanen from the Business School of the Aalto University in Helsinki, who shared the Finnish view on the megaproject and Director of Aecom Baltic region Mr Arnis Kakulis, who elaborated on the economic viability of the new railway.

In the following panel discussion the keynote speakers and Mrs Kaja Kallas – the Chair of Estonian Parliament`s Economic Affairs Committee, Mr Ahti Asmann – the CEO of Estonian Railways, Project Manager of Rail Baltica at Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications – Mr Miikko Peris, the Vice-Chancellor of the Latvian Ministry of Tarnsport – Mrs Ilze Aleksandrovica and other experts of the field discussed the recent status of the Rail Baltic project and the remaining obstacles in the way of making the new north-south railway line a reality.

The conference was moderated by Mr Anvar Samost, the editor-in-chief of the leading Estoniain daily Postimees.