A newbuilt multifunctional vessel for the Estonian Boarder Guard


The Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board took delivery of a brand new multifunctional spill response vessel PVL-101 that was named „General Kurvits“ after the founder of the Estonian professional boarder guard.

Law firm TRINITI (former Tamme Otsmann Ruus Vabamets), in co-operation with maritime law specialists from Consolato del Mare, have been advising the Police and Boarder Guard Board with regard to the newbuilding of the vessel since April 2010, when a building contract was signed with the shipyard Uudenkaupungin Työvene OY.

The diesel-electric vessel is 63.6 meters long, 10.2 meters wide and has a 4.6 meter draught. The ship’s equipment as well as qualities related to maneuvering, sailing in ice and ice-breaking are outstanding and enable rescue and pollution abatement work to be carried out in harsh conditions of the Gulf of Finland round the year. PVL-101 can also participate in fire-fighting and penetrate areas where a chemical accident has occurred.

According to Director General of the Police and Boarded Guard Board Mr Raivo Küüt, General Kurvits will carry out continuous prevention and monitoring work, one of the objectives of which is the prevention of intentional pollution.  “The vessel can reach any of its its target destinations in no later than six hours and can start work within 12 hours of when an accident occurred,” Küüt said. He also noted that in normal conditions, the vessel’s crew includes 12-14 people, yet, in the case of an accident at sea, the ship can take at least 150 people on board.

Estonia’s area of responsibility covers the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland where a high number of cargo, passenger and tanker vessels heading to and leaving from the ports in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia cross paths daily. The spill response vessel will be employed in these areas where pollution accidents with most grievous consequences are likely to occur.

The vessel considerably increases Estonia’s marine pollution control capabilities and was purchased with the help of 28 121 005 Euros from the European Regional Development Fund. European Commissioner for Regional Policy Mr Johannes Hahn has also expressed his conviction that the new multifunctional vessel will notably increase Estonia’s performance in controlling marine pollution.  The share of the Estonian state in this important project was 4 959 523 Euros.